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Watch the short video below where I share key steps to help you access the powerful information that you receive each night in your dreams.


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The Power of Your Dreams. Do you realize that many of the answers to your life questions are revealed within your dreams? As you sleep at night, answers come to you, and often go unnoticed. How great would it be to access that information! You can if you follow my guidelines. All of us dream, but very few even remember dreams, much less understand how to leverage that unconscious information containing our greatest wisdom to make changes and enhance our lives. Come along on a dream journey with me. Your life will change for the better Ė promise!



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RE: Dream Interpretation

Many people refer to finding meaning of dreams as dream interpretation. Generally the word interpretation infers that one person tells the dreamer specifically what their dream means. DreamSynergyô dreamwork is the process of working together Ė the dreamer and the dreamworker-- to find meaning. My belief is that the meaning of the dream is unique in many ways to the individual who dreams the dream and that the dreamer is the only one who can effectively interpret his/her dream. I do not interpret the dream for the dreamer, but instead guide the dreamer in finding his/her personal meaning for life, leading to authenticity and individuation.